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Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing is the most prevalent trends in today's business environment. As more and more organizations are now outsourcing the development and implementation of their IT applications, the skills required to manage an outsourced project is very crucial for the project's success.
We Differ
Vast and established knowledge base of over 10 years of presence in the Industry facilitating outsourcing
  • State-of-the-art facilities equipped with infrastructure and communication links suitable to outsourcing and business process objective operations.
  • Skill Transfer
  • Documentation
  • Competitive pricing
General Trends in IT Outsourcing
  • Dramatic shift in attitude toward outsourcing
  • Outsourcing has become a normal business practice
  • Large-scale outsourcing continue to be made
  • Selective outsourcing is the norm
  • Business value is the prime objective for outsourcing
Benefits of IT Outsourcing
  • Access to Technical Expertise
  • Increase in IT Productivity
  • Access to Critical Computer Technology
  • Reduction of IT Staff Shortages
  • Savings n IT Expenditures
  • Increase in Business Operations
IT Outsourcing Drivers
  • Management's concern about costs and quality
  • Breakdown in IT performance
  • Ontense supplier pressures
  • Is IT on of the organization's core competencies
  • Business need to keep up with latest technology
  • Resolving IT-User conflicts
  • Financial factors
  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs
  • Liquidate firm's IT assets and yet continue to receive requisite business value from IT
  • Economic benefits

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