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In designing a highly available e-commerce site, investigation every component's subsystem to find the one critical piece that could bring entire system to a screeching halt is highly needed. Value greater than ZERO downtime is unacceptable. Devices that can monitor servers and services individually will be included in
e-commerce infrastructure. To route incoming traffic to the most proper server and make the way around downed servers and services are included.

In Open Technology, E-Business Infrastructure Solutions are offered to best fit E-Business needs. Design and
load-balancing solutions are offered as same as improved performance and redundancy to your critical
e-commerce infrastructure.

E-Business High Availability and Load Balancing Solutions

Open Technology designs solutions and implementation plans that provide the following
load balancing benefits in an enterprise environment.
  • Transparent services across distributed sites
  • Global infrastructure integrity - high availability
  • Optimized performance for Internet users
  • Superior performance for the Infrastructure
  • Enables distributed web services and applications
Analyzing the product portfolio and the solution proposals from various vendors to come up with the package that will best address the requirements and the budget for high availability solutions for multiple applications can be found in
Open Technology.
Open Technology provides consulting and service integrations services for
  • Server load balancing
  • Firewall load balancing
  • Application servers load balancing
  • Web server high availability
  • Data Center server farm high reliability
A highly attractive proposition for the customers for high availability requirements are provided by
Open Technology's unmatched depth in analysis and the breadth of the product portfolio.

E-Business High Availability E-Mail Solutions

The most cost-effective communication tool throughout the world is electronic mail or email.
Mail services are delivered by the following components:
  • SA relay host that runs SMTP protocol for sending and receiving mail outside of
    a mail domain.
  • A gateway server that handles connections between networks running different protocols.
  • A mail host that handles destinations that are not handled by the mail server.
  • A mail server that runs POP or IMAP protocols to interface with mail applications.
With the powerful computers and systems available nowadays, these components are typically installed on the same system to handle both SMTP and POP/IMAP traffic. In most cases, e-mail topologies fall into two categories: corporate mail services and Internet mail services.

Internet mail services as a critical business communication tool are depended on businesses. Most organizations cannot accept to down time and mail losses. The entire corporate business communications can be caused by mail system failure to go down without you it knowing until someone verifies that Internet Mail Gateway is not delivering mails.

Open Technology has the methodology and techniques to implement high availability E-Mail Solutions on Internet Mail Gateway. Incoming mails will not be lost, even if internal Mail Gateway is down.

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