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A full range of network infrastructure solutions and services are offered by Open Technology. Many years of experience in designing and implementing networks to support companies in the Asia Pacific region are being in Networking Specialists. Certifications from multiple vendors and are capable of implementing complete network infrastructure solutions specific to your heterogeneous business environments and requirements are hold by engineers and consultants.

Seriously disrupt business can occurred by Network downtime. To ensure that infrastructure is flexible, resilient and scalable are focused by approaching the network integration.

Forward-thinking expertise to address where you are today, integrating new technology with legacy systems; but also prepare for the future, making wider use of voice/IP convergence, or support for video technologies are offered.

In a position to select the best products for the situation, rather than shoehorn a single-vendor solution where it might not be best applied is understood by vendor independence.

There are more details on the precise solutions which offer, easy click on the solutions category in the navigation box below to view Enterprise Network Solutions offering or download Network Infrastructure Solutions Summary in PDF format.

Wide Area Network Connectivity Solutions

Interconnecting multiple company sites on a WAN is now a common practice, as is connecting the corporate network to the Internet, partners and customers.

To ensure communications are reliable, knowledge of routing techniques and protocols is fundamental. Making services resilient can be as examples, routers that exist as single points of failure can directly affect business if they go offline.

The experience in connecting different networks in physically dispersed locations is qualification of
Open Technology. WAN protocols, signaling and Interfaces are familiar. Connectivity solutions T1/E1, ISDN BRI/PRI are offered.

A wide range of routing products, ranging from SOHO models to high-end enterprise class devices are integrated by Open Technology.

Ability to deliver entire wide area network connectivity throughout regional offices are comprehensive coverage. Helping to realize remote location requirements, desired connection speeds and the applications as plan to use across the network, and help to select the right products can be helped.

We are vendor independent, but always select tried and trusted technologies for this key-networking element.

To help building a scaleable and load balanced network, using high availability protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, VRRP and HSRP are able with experience in networking.

Local Area Network Solutions

Switched infrastructure is now the de facto technique used to build corporate networks.

Experience, product knowledge, and appreciation of the options available are required to build a well-organized scalable network.

Building a switched infrastructure from core to desktop, acrossing multiple floors in a building, or deploying to multiple sites around the world, including the definition of addressing schemes can be helped.

Wishing to define user groups, or run both voice and data services across the network, a network to incorporate VLAN technology to segment traffic can be integrated.

For many LAN projects, Open Technology utilizes Cisco's Catalyst series, which provides a seamless switched infrastructure spanning the wiring closet, data center and local area network. High-speed, reliable and scalable basis for your corporate network are provided.

The Cisco Catalyst line of high performance switches are also designed to help organizations migrate from traditional shared, hub-based LANs to fully switched networks.

Wireless Network Solutions

Unlimited access to business applications is becoming essential. Wireless LANs are increasingly being used to provide flexible network connectivity.

WLAN solutions are typically deployed internally, usually within an office or factory environment, although they can be installed externally to provide short-range connectivity to mobile users.

A wireless network interface card installed in a PC, PDA or other user device, which connects wirelessly to an access point has used by remote user. Range within a typical office environment is commonly up to 100m. Continuous wireless network connections throughout an entire office complex or campus can be gained by mobile users by using multiple access points with overlapping coverage zones.

Frequently accomplish LAN changes, improve employee network access, and overcome limitations presented by older buildings, leased spaces or temporary sites are allowed by WLAN.
WLAN benefits include:
  • Increased mobility
  • Fast deployment
  • Overcome limitations presented by older buildings where cabling is difficult
  • Connectivity for temporary sites

Internet Connectivity Solutions

Before the Internet can be leveraged by company, first connect to the Internet must be done. While connecting to the Internet is easier than ever, the range of options and hardware choices available can make the process of connecting a daunting proposition.

Size, topology and Internet connections are varied by networks. Not every network requires
high-speed DSL or T1/E1 circuits; not every company has mission-critical applications that require redundant connections. This is recognized by Open Technology network architect, and strives to match the level of connectivity to a company's real business needs and objectives.
Regardless of network size, there are certain goals common to all network connectivity projects:
  • Connections must be functional- Internet connection must always be geared to support current applications and users, even as one builds for the future.
  • Connections must be scalable-As business grows, so does network, and so should Internet connection. Proper design minimizes costs of these expansions by laying a proper foundation for each new level of connectivity.
  • Connections must be economical-Achieving these objectives would be easy if money were no object; in the real world, however, money is very much the object. No connection,
    no matter how powerful, can be considered effective if it cannot be delivered within your available budget.
Understanding Internet technologies and how impact network as well as business is specialized by
Open Technology.

Understanding to bear as we assess your specific Internet connectivity requirements and, based on those requirements, design a connection topology that specifically addresses the objective categories stated above are brought.

Post-installation monitoring, management, and maintenance are provided to make sure connectivity solution continues to deliver value. Whether the need is for a direct connection to the Internet, or to deploy these technologies in a private Wide Area Network behind your Internet connection, Open Technology can design the solution that will both fit needs and budget.

VPN Access Solutions

The greater company's geographic span, the more complex and expensive communication becomes.
Private wide area networks (WANs) with enhanced security connections over the Internet, also known as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are being replaced by many companies. A VPN is more cost effective than the alternative, WANs.

As corporate workforces are increasingly distributed across the globe, connecting remote employees to the corporate network is becoming a requirement to remain competitive. The business benefits of remote access solutions are clear, as the argument for leveraging Internet based VPNs to make it happen.

Branch offices, remote users, business partners, and clients onto one enhanced security network can be connected by a VPN.

In Open Technology, the industry's leading VPN solution based are delivered. VPN design, implementations and maintenance are provided for connectivity solution continues to deliver value.

Voice Over IP Solutions

As networking technology continues advance, more and more applications are sought after to take advantage of these new generation high-speed infrastructures. To converge disparate systems into a single cohesive, manageable system are developed in parallel with new generation networking equipment and applications. An example is VoIP, converging what traditionally has been completely separate systems, usually managed by two different groups into a single, manageable system.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is not a new network, but a new application on IP networks. From being a difficult to implement has been emerged by network, side thought for many companies to a critical part of their business strategy and an integral part of their economic growth.

The cost savings is understood by Open Technology that todays enterprises can be brought by VoIP. Highly active in implementing and designing VoIP solutions for the customer together with ROI analysis have been used.

Substantial savings on the charges between its regional offices by utilizing the VoIP functionality in it's own office environment has been realized by Open Technology.

IP Telephony Solutions

Businesses of all sizes come to Open Technology for telephony solutions that deliver quality, reliability, and scalability. The solution that fits, while helping to prepare for network expansion and new technology down the road are provided to brand-new enterprise or an established growing business. The advanced applications, telephones, and features upon which Open Technology customers have depended can be succeeded.

To trust and depend on Open Technology IP telephony design solutions for profit-building advanced applications and features for their mission-critical voice communications have been come to customers from remote and branch office solutions to large campus networks.

Network Management Solutions

A critical tool for keeping today's enterprise networks running at peak efficiency is Network Management. Determining faults, performance, and configuration changes in network can be helped by Network Management.

Configuration modifications, software updates, and cabling changes--as well as unexpected behaviors or failures are examples of controlled changes which all have an effect on the network. Tools are needed to track and monitor all activity that has the potential to affect the network's performance to stay in control.

Software tools and features of the network hardware are combined by Open Technology's Enterprise Network Management solution.

Tools with the ability to auto-discover network devices, track performance data, monitor server connections, monitor devices for specific events and send notifications when alarms go off can be provided by
Open Technology.

All these tools together are combined by Open Technology network management solutions to give a network manager the power to keep track of his or her network and maximize its efficiency and productivity.

Bandwidth Management Solutions

Wide-area network (WAN) and Internet services are relied on to deliver business-critical applications efficiently and reliably with networks connecting distributed offices, partners, and customers. Sufficiently evaluation is required to make sure of the most significant investment of time and money to build and maintain network which will make no questions for investments in equipment and infrastructure, management capabilities, and monthly service.

Supporting unsanctioned and recreational applications are often ended up in large portion of budgets for organizations around the world without knowing. Serious repercussions for any organization are carried by IT expenditures and resources that are not aligned to support business needs.

Network bandwidth issues and help to serve business needs better by ensuring most critical business information gets across network are allowed to address by Open Technology's Enterprise Bandwidth Management Solutions.
Bandwidth management solutions have the following feature:
  • Deliver business-critical applications reliably by controlling allocation of WAN and
    Internet resources through bandwidth management.
  • Automatically discover the true nature of traffic by leveraging Layer 7 classification.
  • Analyze traffic and benchmark performance with 60+ metrics per application.
  • Delay or eliminate bandwidth upgrades by protecting resources for latency sensitive mission-critical applications.
  • Contain the impact of unsanctioned traffic and smooth bursty applications with bandwidth maximums.

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