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Messaging Solutions

Presently, corporate e-mail is very important part of business operations, responsible for communicating the most important elements of today's global enterprise. A lot of companies leverage Microsoft technologies to support electronic messaging needs, taking advantage of the advanced capabilities, reliability and dramatic cost savings that come with Microsoft Exchange Server.

A complete suite of consulting services to help plan, design, implement, and operate a converged Complete Messaging system is provided by Open Technology. A methodology which focuses on assessing organizations existing Microsoft infrastructure and executing a design to integrate and migrate to
Microsoft Exchange 2003 Infrastructure is provided by Enterprise Messaging Solution. Helping business achieve higher resource utilization and improved customer service while enabling the potential for tremendous cost savings is one of the main goal. Open Technology technical expertise delivered during this service includes Microsoft Active Directory design and integration, Microsoft Exchange 2003 design and integration, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) design and integration.

The strength of enterprise solution team makes the most qualified to deliver this service. Engineers and consultants have developed the most comprehensive set of proven methodologies and intellectual capital used in the industry today to produce fast and quantifiable results. Engagements in planning, designing, implementing, and securing complex networks have been performed from enterprises in every industry to the large service provider. Comprehensive services that integrate business processes, people, and technology are provided by experienced leveraging. A highly integrated solution that eliminates the need to hire and manage multiple vendors is become the result.

Open Technology enterprise solution team is qualified deliver the Designing and Implementing of
Microsoft Exchange 2003 in a Front-End and Back-End Exchange 2003 Solution and seamless integrating with Windows 2003 Active Directory Services for our enterprise messaging solution.

Microsoft Active Directory Solutions

To evolve and provide more functionality and features to address business computing needs is continued by the Windows platform which a lot of organizations on third-party platforms are looking to Windows to run new client and server business applications.

A wide range of professional services through project assistance involving assessment, architecture, implementation, and deployment are offered by Open Technology. Specialized practice areas, such as our Windows® 2003 Migration and Windows® 2003 Active Directory Directory Services Implementation are also offered by subject matter experts.

Deploying Windows 2003 can be a daunting assignment amid all of the other issues an IT group must manage.
Open Technology can help. Numerous successful migrations have been completed by Microsoft certified consultants. To develop a field-tested methodology, which uses the best practices that will ensure the success of the project and shorten staff's learning curve has been enabled this experience.

Invaluable will be proven by time-tested service offerings to company as consider migrating from a Windows 2000 server environment to one based on Windows 2003 with Active Directory.
Windows 2003 Active Directory Services have capability to offer as followings:
  • Active Directory Services Infrastructure and Design
  • Windows 2003 Networking Service Infrastructure
  • DHCP as a solution for IP Configuration
  • DNS as a solution for Name Resolution
  • WINS as a solution for NetBIOS Name Resolution
  • NAT as a solution for Internet Connectivity
  • Networking Services Designs

Thin Client Solutions

Open Technology has a strong presence in the Thin Client field in Thailand whether the traditional concept of the hardware thin-client as a software solution with Anytime, Anywhere, Now everything computes flexibility. Experiencing in deploying hardware and software thin solutions to fit almost any requirement in current.

The flexibility of existing client hardware investment lifecycle is allowed by MetaFrame XP to be extended as the client-computing requirement is isolated within the Client Server computing model. Operating System, Applications, Licensing and Computing Environments (desktops) can be strictly controlled from the administrative stand point and system upgrades and new application rollouts are a breeze as the tedious job of client to client deployment models have been eliminated.

Specializing in business requirements assessment, project sizing, deployment consultation, pilot initiation and assessment, live project implementation and management, test sequence auditing and documentation, support services for existing implementations, and trouble-shooting and rectification services under maintenance structure are qualification.

Network Attach Storage (NAS) Solutions

General purposes server serves network storage, configured for a particular platform file sharing, e.g. CIFS (Windows), NFS (UNIX) etc. These servers are sufficient for simple network storage serving and can be scale by either adding additional drives or introducing a new server into the environment.

Ability to fulfill the needs of network storage but only for a while is the general-purpose servers. Increasing in demand of storage capacity and the change of business model to
24 x 7 or even e-business structure, as general-purpose servers could no longer satisfied the changes in demand and requirements. Trying to increasing the capacity by having to place server offline is not the good way with 24 x 7 availability. Also purchasing new servers, the operating system and necessary clients license put a dent in budget. Installing the usual operating system and configuring the server for file shares are required to not forget the time and effort.

To address such issues that make a headache to IT managers is aimed by Network Attached Storage. Advantages over your general-purposes server with features like multiple-protocol support, an optimized operating system for file sharing, storage quota ability etc. are offered by A NAS appliance which is also simple to set up, typically 10 minutes to have new NAS running its network.

Wide range of NAS appliance products is offered by Open Technology to satisfied network storage needs. Offerings range from enterprise level NAS products from IBM, HP, and etc to departmental/workgroup appliances. With experience in network storage, there are abilities to provide the complete range of services, such as capacity design, integration to Active Directory, file servers consolidation etc, to integrate NAS technology into environment.

Backup Solutions

Most current small to medium sized businesses have a uniform operating platform in IT environment, the most popular choices are Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare and Linux. Although not as complex as a corporate datacenter, these servers nevertheless power the critical processes for the daily business. A robust and reliable backup solution must be in place to protect the business against unwanted downtime is demanded to be the importance of these servers.

Becoming to increase difficult to evaluate and decide on the best solution for particular needs are together with the wide range of backup solutions in the market. IT managers always find with many factors to consider in situation where either an overkill solution is offered, or a solution that cannot scale with future business expansion. Coupled with the ever-changing methods of doing businesses and lowering IT costs, choosing an efficient and cost effective backup solution becomes more critical than ever.

Understanding pains as an IT manager is known by Open Technology. Wide range of data protection solutions are cost effective and yet flexible enough to cater to enterprise needs. With most small and medium businesses running on a uniform operating platform will satisfy current needs and offer scalability to grow with businesses.

Experiencing in Small, Medium and Enterprise data protection solutions, assisting can be in the planning, design and implementation of best-fit Enterprise Backup solution. Contact us for backup needs today.

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